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    with Cormac O'Neill \ Cloonmore Pottery

    Lugh O’Neill, Dialogue - A Perfect Game of Chance, 2017, sound, ceramic, steel frame, seven printed transparent foils,
    exhibition view, Rundgang, UdK.

    The title refers to the indeterminate, decentralised and horizontal nature of dialogue, as described by Vilem Flusser. Here I propose a connection between the dialogue of Flusser’s theories on communications in the telematic society and the chance operations of John Cage, his contemporaries and successors who formulated modes of composing and scoring music, mapping and codifying sound in indeterminate ways - Scores which thus require dialogue, horizontal decisions to be made, rather than scores which serve the purpose of implementing the authority of authorship.

    Furthermore, with this work, I would like to advance the notion of a return of a form of animism, totemism, in the society described by Flusser as a telematic one - the emergence in our perception of objects, of vitality and intelligence, and an interconnectivity between technological devices as well as between those and people. Finally I wish to point to the reconfiguration of perspective which emerged in the shift from animism to human centric rationalism, and thus to consider the consequence of placing ourselves on a new rank of cognition which includes a multitude of technological objects - in reconditioning our perception of these objects we do as much to our perception of ourselves.